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Name: Korko

Age: 72

Race: Deku

Description: Every circus has to have that crazy old man (or in this case, Deku Scrub). This one in particular has gained the ability to enter his mind into a dream world and take whoever he wants with him. His dream world has made him slightly senile and he's often found wandering off places he shouldn't be, although he doesn't get very far anymore. On one occasion, he was found in a garbage pile in Hyrule Castle Town trying to put on some Hylian Soldier armor he found, claiming it was the key to saving the world before bed time. He has frequent episodes of seeing visions from his dream world when he's not actually in it. This is more than likely the cause of his random wandering. No one actually knows where he got this dreamer ability from, but he rambles a lot about riding on a flying boat that took him into the sky where he met a talking cucoo that rode a magical elephant which gave him his power. No one's sure if he's telling the truth, lying, or is just outright insane. Because he can't walk around for more than 10 minutes, he gets from town to town with a cart pulled by Noko.