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Goron Mountain, Valley of Death, Gerudo Desert, River Valley and Lake Hylia.



They are cylindrical in shape and yellowish in color. They are actually a sturdy pile of goop.


A Like Like hides underground until an unexpected person comes close enough. They quickly pop up out of the ground. Although it pops up really fast, it moves very slow above ground. It will try to wrap Link to steal his stuff. Button mashing shortens the time that Link is held by the Like Like, but it will not speed up or slow down the rate with which the items get stolen. Link is released after a while and when it happens there is a large chance he will lose a more crucial item. Link can retrieve this item from the Like Like, when he defeats the Like Like before it wraps Link again or before Link leaves the area. When the item is permanently lost Link will have to buy a new one at a shop.

All weapons have a normal effect on these enemies although it takes a lot of damage to defeat one. When a Like Like is hit it freeze for a little while, but also becomes invincible for the same amount of time.



An attack that does not do any damage, but it gobbles up Link. Over time Link's common stuff will get stolen permanently. At release there is a chance that a crucial item gets stolen. Story crucial items are not stolen.

Common stuff: Bombs, Arrows, Secret Seashells, Chu Jelly, Stolen stuff.
Crucial Items: Shield Wooden and Metal, Bottle contents.