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Rare enemies in the Deku Swamp, and semi-rare in the Forest Temple



A skinny, bipedal lizard wielding 2 axes that is the height of a grown man. The only armor they have is a small chestplate, otherwise their green skin is exposed.


Lizalfos wander around a small area with no particular route. When Link approaches one, they will immediately engage him. They run faster than Link, making it difficult to escape once a fight starts.

After taking damage, there is a 33% chance a Lizalfos will hop back a short distance. This hop does not go high enough into the air to work as a true dodge, and it’s possible (though difficult) to damage it mid-hop.

They are affected by all weapons and items.


  • Both attacks can be blocked with any shield.

Axe Swing

Simple axe swing, dealing .5 hp.

2-Slash Combo

A combo with each axe in succession. Both hits deal .5 HP, but there is a noticeable wind-up time to the attack as the Lizalfos raises its axes. If Link blocks or evades the first hit, there is actually enough time in between the hits for him to counter-attack!