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Deku Swamp, Kokiri Forest, Forest Temple and a few in Hyrule field



They have a large orange and yellow leaf cap as if the fall is whithering them. In the leafs there are some spots and streaks of purple showing where the rot has reached the outside. Although they have yellowish mouth and eyes, the rest of the body has turn completely black and purple. The nuts they shoot are brown with a purple center.


These were once normal Deku Scrubs but they got in touch with a poison that was spilled in a part of their swamp. Instead of killing them the poison started to rot them from the inside out. It drove them mad and put the Deku's natural paranoia into overdrive. They no longer differentiate friends from foes and attack indiscriminately and with vigor. They hide in the ground waiting for others to approach before attacking.

They are hidden in the ground as long as the player is further than a maximum distance. Once the player is lower then the maximum distance and further then the minimum distance away, they come out of the ground and start shooting nuts (with timed breaks in between) at the player. Once the player is closer then the minimum distance they go back into hiding and they swing the Leaf Blade, which has the reach of the minimum distance and is further then a short range weapon. The madness makes them also immune to stunning. If the player creates a shadow clone within maximum range the scrub will be focused on that and will not dive back in the ground if the player reaches minimum range.

The player can defeat the Scrubs by deflecting their nuts back at them. Using a projectile weapon, because the minimum distance is further than a handheld weapon would reach. A handheld weapon can be used if the scrub is distracted by a shadow clone.


Nut Spit

.5HP on player, and 2HP on Mab Scrub spits out a nut at Link when he is in range (Damage .5HP on player, and 2HP on Mab Scrub).

Leaf Blade

1HP A razor sharp from the Mad Scrub's head makes a full circle motion cutting anything in its path