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Name: Nigel

Race: Human

Description: He is found in the most random places and always appears during the worst times. He is a clumsy person, which accounts for the many times he's either fallen down stairs or into doors. He speaks like a stereotypical British Explorer. He has a monocle, a safari hat, and a big puffy mustache. He carries a backpack full of tools and suppies so he feels that he's prepared for anything. He is not like most people in Hyrule Heights(Since he is ound there later in the game.) he doesn't care if the person is poor or rich, that is why he is looked down upon by the rich. So he is not usually in the Hyrule Heights much as a result of that. He's so rich he's set for life with excess money to burn. Another reason why the rich hate him, he's got more money then them.He's a chipper person with a happy go lucky attitude. He's adventurous and has little fear of anything. He likes to drink tea in the after noon because he says Tea is for real men. One of the only this he dislikes is Coffee and The Highest of the Rich Aristocrats, He can't stand there pompous attitude. He is one of the few people who have been accidentally sent to the Dark World and came out alive. In the Dark World he found some rare plants and fungi that funded the start of his adventuring habit. He's Been to places outside of Hyrule. He's been to almost every place in hyrule and has momentos of each place. On the second floor of his shop, you'll be able to view some of them.

-The first time you visit Lake Hylia temple you see him come out of nowhere and greet you, and he'll then fall flat on his face almost falling into a pit. You'll encounter him in certain places in the over the coarse of the game. He takes some interest in you and will give you a few hints about the place you find him at. -When you see him on Goron Mountain he'll accidentally sit in a vent(He though it was a rock)and get stuck, he'll then have his ass lit on fire and he'll end up running away. -When you find him in the Earth Temple, you'll see him running from a rolling Carbonite. -Later in the game if you return to the deku swamp, you'll see him with his foot stuck in the mud and a few deku scrubs will be pelting him with deku nuts. -When you encouter him in the desert you'll see him step on a Sand Glider and the Sand Glider will start biting his face, and he'll try to pull it off, but to no avail, so you'll have hit the Sand Glider and it'll end up coming after you, and you have to kill it. -When you encounter him roving Hyrule Field later in the game he'll end up sitting by a stream and an octoroc will spit rocks at him. -When you encounter him in Hyrule Heights he'll get chased by same rich people who are jealous of him. -When you encounter him in the first thief hideout, he'll walk onto a tile and the tile will be a spring trap and he'll be sent flying out of the entrance of the hideout.

After there are no more story wise encounters you'll find that a new building is opened up and is an antique shop. He runs it and the shop would have many books and such. There is a sidequest available after the shop is open. Before the shop is opened it'll be a construction site and over the coarse of the game, after reaching certain parts of the game, the building will then have progress on it.

Intro Quote when meeting him from the second time onward: "Rightio, It's you chap,*Hint or something about the area*, Well I'll see you around." He'll then leave after that and will either trip or have something funny happen to him.

Extra Notes: He says "BLARGHLHLHL" every so often.