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Name: Noko

Age: 22

Race: Deku Scrub

Description: He's a big boy! Quite a large Deku Scrub, 4 times the size of the Deku King of Majora's Mask. He's kind of lazy and lethargic, but can act as your typical hyper Deku Scrub from time to time, especially when there's food around. Being that his size is so odd, he's been brought on board Dokoi's circus. His act consists of having things shot at him out of a cannon in an attempt to knock him over, which has yet to happen. When he's not working, he's typically sitting around eating circus cookies. Due to his size, he can't ride in any of the circus carts, nor can he fly with a deku flower so he has to walk everywhere. He typically carries everyone's belongings. There were some known incidents where very valuable things were accidentally shot from the cannon. Needless to say, those things were never the same after impact. One of these things was a child, who's head is now permanently upside down.