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Any place Dark, like caves or the overworld during the night time. Each Overgrown Keese has it's own territory and may share it's lair with another Keese. In each of their "Territories" there is only one lair, It's lair usually has ruppies or other rare items. There is a larger lair that holds more of them than usual, that holds a heart piece and is only accesable by being carried by them. The other lairs are situated on cliffs, hills, or mountains that will require thief techniques to get to, like using ledges and climbing up walls.



A 4-foot tall black bat.


Attack anything that moves or has something shiny attached to it. It is fond of shiny objects.

A benefit of entering a Lair without them seeing you or carrying you will allow you to surprise them and you'll have a little more time to get ready to fight them. If they carry you in, you have a little less time to prepare. During the daytime you'll find them napping in their lairs which once you get close to them or brake something in the lair they'll wake up and get ready to attack.

  • Damage - The Player can use projectile base weapons to damage it and knock it out of the sky, When they swoop down to attack link, you can use a melee weapon to damage it and knock it down as well.
  • Stun - The Boomerang and hookshot can stun it in midair and it falls as well. When they swoop down, you can also use a shield bash to knock them to the ground.
  • Combat Notes - You can only hit it with a melee weapon, or the shield when it's in the swooping animation or if it's stunned. Ranged weapons harm it and or stun it.(which looks like it falls to the ground)



1 Hp if he knocks you down. It swoops at you and there's a 50% chance he'll grab you, if he doesn't grab you he just knocks you over. Grabbing the player won't damage the player unless the bat drops the player into a pit.(Which mostly will happen when the player hits the overgrown keese while it's carrying the player.)When it grabs you it'll take you to it's lair, But It will not grab you unless you're outside and have a light or something shiny equiped, but it'll still attack you either way.