KOT:Pyroki the Firestarter

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Name: Pyroki

Age: 30

Race: Deku

Description: There has to be someone crazy enough to play with fire in a circus. Normally Deku and Fire don't get along, but he's an exception. He is adept at preforming with fire. For some reason he wanted to see the gorons. He was trudging up the mountain and tripped, rolling all the way down the mountain. It is thought that he obtained his immunity to fire because he got burned so often his wooden skin hardend and became resilient to heat. His personality reflects on his power; He's usually a hotheaded, energetic person. He is irritable when it rains outside which is odd due to him being a deku. He is kind of careless and accidentally burnt down a few tents when he forgot he was on fire and went to sleep in his tent. He does many kinds of things with the fire not just juggling it or setting himself on fire, as I said he can manipulate it, which means he makes it look and act like creatures. He does have accidental Spontaneous combustions from time to time.

Fun Facts: ~He's a stalker, and likes to stalk everything.

Steve says: "In one of the circus locations, we could have this guy dancing around on fire while Boken plays Light My Fire xD"