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Dark Places



Based on the TP design.


Kind of like a Redead Captain. Moves slowly, only attacking Link when they see him and are in range.

  • Sword slashes damage it.
  • Bombs and Arrows damage it.
  • Fire arrows instantly kill it.
  • The Shadow Cloak clone will distract it.
  • The Boomerang, Hookshot, Ice Arrows, Sea Cog, Shadow Cog, and Magnetic Gloves have no effect on them.
  • The Wind Cog will flip the Redead Knight around, removing you from their line-of-sight.
  • The Earth Cog will block the Redead Knight, removing you from their line-of-sight.
  • Down Thrust and Pursuit Slash deal more damage than a standard sword strike.



0 HP The Redead Knight will screech when close to Link, paralyzing the player. It lasts 2 seconds.


1 HP The Redead Knight slashes at at Link.