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Goron Mountain



They are Wasps completely covered in tan stone, with a volatile chemical inside. they are about the size of a small cat.


They attack anything other than other fellow rock wasps. They Live in Hives in the Goron Mountains, and are a frequent nuisance for Gorons. This might be a decent side quest to eliminate a certain hive, that could serve as a Mini-Dungeon.

They usually end up circling their targets a couple times before ramming into then. On Goron Mountain they attack in swarms of 5-7 and they come out of small hives that can be burned, smashed, blown up, or slashed so no more spawned out of the hive. In the Hive Mini-Dungeon, They would attack in groups of 2 or three, and randomly appear, with a minimal of a minute before more show up.

  • The Sword slash causes it to rupture, but the sword swipe knocks it back just far enough so you don't get hit with the blast.
  • Using the shield Idly will cause you to be safe from the blast, but it pushes you back.
  • A Shield Bash smashes sends them flying and causes them to smash while they are being flung.
  • The Bomb cannon Blows them up in the bomb explosion radius.
  • The Hookshot is ineffective against them.
  • The Boomerang stuns it.


Kamikaze Explosion

1 HP The creature Rams right into you, when the sucker rams into a wall or object(including the player), it makes a small shrapnel-like rock explosion