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Shiekah Temple



These are Shiekah that have been sealed inside of their own temple, cursed by the raging beast inside of it.


Several weapons can be used, but they will dodge many of the attacks if not brute forced. Therefore, the sword is the best option (similar to the Stalfos in lttp that would jump back when you attack them). Arrows can be dodged easily if there's enough distance and the boomerang and hookshot are useless. Bombs can be useful if planted properly. It's also possible to corner them to defeat them. Magic from the Sea and Kokiri cogs can also be useful in disorienting them.


Slide kick

Slides 4x16px tiles to the player in a kick. Knocks the player back and does 1.5HP. Can be blocked or shield bashed. Shield bashing will result in some humor.


Close range attack dealing .5HP, but can attack in succession.


Has a 30% chance of dodging sword attacks and a 70% chance of dodging arrows. Drops to 20% if in close range.