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Based loosely on the OoT design, but without a shield.


Knights of Ganondorf's army long dead and gone. Only their bones, armor and hatred for the world remain. Although cold and heartless (pun intended), they have utmost respect for battle and will not gang up on an opponent. They will wait their turn for their partner(s) to fall before entering battle. They wield a single sword. They can only be damaged by the steel of a sword, although the boomerang proves effective in confusing them for a moment.



1.5HP A basic sword slash that can be blocked by the shield. If the player shield bashes this, it will knock the Stalfos back.

Dash slash

2HP Takes a slight dash forward and slashes at the end of it. If the player is caught in the dash, they're dragged back by it. Can be blocked by the shield, shield bash is useless.