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Not sure yet...more rare than the Stalfos Knight however.



Slightly larger than the Stalfos Knight and wields 2 swords.


The highest ranked Stalfos. They do not come alone and are usually in command of 2 Stalfos Knights. Should the knights fall, this will take over the battle. They wield 2 swords. Each time they take 1HP of damage, one of their arms takes damage (2HP == useless arm). When they've lost half their health, they use Regenerate to reclaim their damaged arms. As with the Stalfos Knights, only a sword may damage them. The boomerang is ineffective - They may just smack it back at you.

Bombing the Elite itself when it's missing an arm at the right moment is the only time a weapon other than the sword will work. It will do 2x damage than a sword attack. If a downed arm itself is bombed, the Stalfos will be distracted for 2 seconds.



2HP A basic sword slash that can be blocked by the shield. If the player shield bashes this, it will knock the Stalfos back.

Parry Slash

2.5HP The stalfos' swords will glow brightly. During this time, attacking will result in a counter parry. If the player is quick enough, this can be shield bashed or countered with the pursuit slash.


Recovers damaged body parts