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Name: Syrup the Witch

Age: ?? (80-90?)

Race: Gerudo Witch

Location: Potion Shop in the Kokiri Forest.

Description: She is the oldest of three Gerudo witch siblings. In contrast to her younger siblings she is benign. Syrup was banished from the gerudo when she found out that Ganondorf returned. She went against him in favor of their King. Hungry for power, Syrup's siblings turned on her and left her to die. The pain of her siblings turning against her is why Syrup keeps her past a secret to even her apprentice Maple.

In her exile she moved to Kokiri Forest and set up a potion shop. She encountered a young girl Maple and took her in as an apprentice witch. Syrup sees the potential of her young apprentice and thinks that Maple could be the most powerful witch of many generations, if Maple would stop goofing off.

Due to the absence of Maple, Syrup has to work on her potions on her own. Thus when Link wonders in she asks him to do some chores, such as collecting ingredients.