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Name: The Chemist

Age: 32

Race: Hylian

Location: Hyrule Castle Town

Description: Owns a potion shop in the rich part of Hyrule Castle Town. This is one of three potion shops in Hyrule, and the more expensive of them. The others located along the River Valley somewhere and another in Kokiri Forest (he does not own these). He absolutely REFUSES to sell to the poor. The guards think that the poor will abuse his potions and use them for reasons other than their intended use and so it's illegal for him to do so. As such, Link will be unable to buy potions from him until he receives his fancy clothes from the tailor. Buying a potion requires an empty bottle.

A man who loves his business, so long as it's not the poor folk! Should you walk into his shop dressed in rags, he'll chase you out with a broom. Although it's possible to sneak in while he's snoozing and take some money from his inventory. His inventory will restock overtime, allowing you to sneak in at various times for some quick cash. The speed at which it restocks depends on how often you buy potions from him. It's entirely possible to actually make money off of this guy using this method. But may the Gods help you if he catches you!

Items sold:
Red potion - restores up to 7 hearts. (30 rupees)
Green potion - restores an amount equal to half the magic meter capacity. (30 rupees)
Blue potion - restores both HP and MP to full. (50 rupees)

If you bring him chu jelly for the corresponding potion color, he'll take 10 rupees off the price.