KOT:Thief Bracers

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Thief Bracers
Type Equipment (Active)
Obtained KOT:Hyrule Castle Town


Pressing the button next to certain locks allows you to pick them. Pressing the button when adjacent to but not in front of an NPCl will pickpocket them. When you press the button in the appropriate spot, a meter will pop up and an arrow will rise from the bottom to the top. The button must be pressed a second time right as the arrow reaches the top to pickpocket or pick a lock. Pressing the button prematurely or late results in failure, and in the case of pickpocketing, the notice of your victim. The arrow will move at different speeds depending on the difficulty of the pick lock/pocket.


Each of the cogs can be individually equipped to the bracers, and using the bracers next to locks then would allow you to pick special locks which correspond to the type of cog equipped (I.e., you could pick wooden locks, stone locks, locks... involving water, etc.) Using the bracers away from a lock with cogs equipped will result in that cog’s special attack: