KOT:Yellow ChuChu

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Found by randomly smashing pots in the Earth Temple's first floor.



A yellow living pile of Goop it has electricity coming out of it unless it's stunned.


They Like to stay in a pile of goo(Which they are unaffected by weapons and items), while waiting to attack or while moving, it only shows it's ChuChu form when it's about to jump at you.

If you touch it while it has electricity coming out you are electricuted. Player Combat Countermeasures: If it isn't in the goop animation

  • Fire Arrow burns it, Ice Arrow Freezes it
  • Projectile weapons damage it as well.
  • Shield Bash, Boomerang, & Hookshot Stun it.
  • If it is stunned:
    • All short range items effect it.



2 HP It jumps at you. Electricity 1.5 HP damage.