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Name: Zaeranos

Age: 35

Race: Sheikah male

Location: Death Valley

Description: A seasoned warrior with the scars to show for it. He wears light armor on his left arm and shoulder that he uses as a shield to block enemy weapons and projectiles. He also has a very long and narrow sword, almost the length of his height. He has short brown hair, white skin and red eyes.

Although he is a mighty warrior he is also extremely lazy. He likes to hang around enjoying the peace and quiet. You will find him either cooking some food, snoring in the shadow of some tree or cleaning his sword. At night he prowls around hunting and honing his skills. When you ask him to do something he will flat out refuse, saying that it is too much work. He is way too lazy to have a favorite food or a favorite of anything. Because then he would have to compare and grade each variation of anything and thus determine what he likes best. That is way too much work and his head starts to ache by only thinking about it.

The Sheikah elders know this, but they also know that when it really matters he will be the first one on the frontlines. Especially when Abigail herself joins the fray. Zaeranos dislikes her ruthlessness, but he cannot help respecting her fighting skills. His friends say that most of his mystic powers are channeled into his physical fighting prowess. On the battlefield Zaeranos is very agile, lightning fast and incredibly strong. Some have seen him turn a two story high boulder into dust with a single punch.