Mutated Deku Shell, The Cavern Lurker

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The enemy does not really become a major threat until Link and Leafosa ventures too far into Quiet Wood, and eventually, The Forest Cavern.



As mentioned by Leafosa, this so-called Deku looks more like a carved out puppet, like a shell. His appearance also shows he barely has eyes, nor does he have any, and bares red markings on it's face as if it was dried up blood, as if someone painted on it.


The player will encounter this enemy a few times. This Deku manages to trick Leafosa when Link was venturing elsewhere in the Cavern. When Leafosa informs Link from his cell within the Cavern, Link becomes cautious of the deku and finds him in the room across from the cell rooms Leafosa is currently trapped in. The Deku tells Link of a chest in the room, buying time to mess with a hidden switch behind him, and as soon as Link gets back down with his new Bow, the Deku triggered the trap and attempts to kill Link, only to be defeated, the end result it, it burned alive. Later on, Link's fairy, Urlia, tells Link that she hears footsteps, and the Deku attempted to rush into the room to attack Link, only to stumble and official be destroyed due to it's body being burnt up completely in the process, marking the end of this random attacks against Link and Leafosa. In the end, it was revealed that ghost himself was controlling the Deku Shell as an alter ego somehow, and speaks in story of itself, in otherword, used the deku shell to represent who he was as the "bad guy".

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The Mutated Deku awakens Zol within the room when it first appears in the fight, and attempts to bump rush Link within the room.

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