Mutated Zol (Big Gel)

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The mutated Zol is a monster which had transform into a bigger, violent version of its counterparts. Dasum corrupted the Zol with his sword causing the monster to expel poison when it attacks it's prey, causing the road to BellBrooke to be blocked off.



Dasum had his brainwashed men drop the beast in BellBrooke Forest, in hopes of slowing anyone entering the province down, preventing access to BlackRock, Flora Town and Orlo Gale. This enemy was also the only reason why word hasn't really gotten out on the planned invasion to hit Flora Town Lake, for everyone thinks that the bandit problem was minor.


This enemy is encountered only once in BellBrooke Forest, upon defeat, a sample of this enemy will start to form on the ground, giving the player to contain it before it regenerates into the monster it once was.

Opponent Stats

HP: 40 Str: 0.55 Def: 25 MP: 12


It functions as a normal Zol, however, it has a greater jumping distance and causes more damage due to it's poison ability. Any Zol in the area will be stronger, they see this enemy as an alpha Zol and will also fall prey to this boss, healing it if it is devoured by it.

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