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Game Information
About The Legend of Zelda: New Beginnings:
Date Released: TBA
Genre: Action/Adventure and Puzzles
Developer: Linkwolf48/Zhello
Publisher: NA
ESRB Rating: T
Platform(s): Computer

The Legend of Zelda - New Beginnings, also known as Fusion Gate and Adventure of Link II is a project created by Linkwolf48. The original engine was created by Dlbrooks33, but was modified and updated on a daily basis ever since its release. The game was originally supposed to be a 4-player, however switch over to single player. Also the game itself was an RPG maker game later on, went from Game Maker 6-8. The current version is 1.2, previously 1.1. Also other information of the previous plot can be finding on Current Name: The Legend of Zelda - New Beginnings

Link to current page: LoZNB page

New Beginnings

Another Demo inbound early February, keep an eye open

Enjoy the current demo, it will be updated on my side so this version may not exist during February



Previous Code Names:

  • Fusion Gate
  • Echoes from The Twilight Realm
  • Adventure of Link II
  • The Dark Artifact

Days after Majora's Mask

The Legend of Zelda: New Beginnings also known as Fusion Gate or Adventure of Link II, takes place a few days after Majora's Mask. Link stumbles unsuspectingly to a land known as Novos Orsa, which acts as a bridge between Hyrule and Termina. Link's problems get bigger as he later learns about a dark Artifact from the Twilight Realm that has placed the good and the bad in a wild goose chase to collect the broken Artifact. Before trying to head back to Hyrule, Link meets counterpart named Sane who explained a bit more about the true power of this artifact and his theory of how it was created. After this Link accompanied Sane and those who seek the Artifact in order to rid Orsa those who trouble it. Unaware to Link and the others, a group known as New Aged Dark Interlopers (NADI) is also seeking the artifact, using it to revive and break a curse of their so called leader known as Macellrius, a young prisoner of war in the Twilight Realm.

Kafei and Skull Kid Story

After the events of Majora’s Mask, the two had to go after Sakon, who had been causing trouble again. Eventually, they found him; however, he now has powers and wanted to corner Kafei, seeking revenge. Sakon had been defeated and vanished, dying in the process, this led Kafei to find the one who helped Sakon, a Dark Figure. The weakened figure fought Kafei, however it fled, not without attacking the young man with Dark Energy, forcing Kafei into succumbing to an odd illness. Skull Kid began to carry Kafei because the cave they were in began to collapses, and the two out themselves deep in the forest, going in a direction that seems right. Eventually the two were found by a traveler, who brought them to Flora Town, knowing such herbs can cure Kafei. During the events of New Beginnings, Kafei remains unconscious for a period of time before joining Link in combat, as for Skull Kid who remained by his side until he wakes up.

The Dark Artifact


The idea of using such hexing/controlling the people of Twilight. Among the items, was the artifact, however, due to curious, The Dark interlopers had to test their version of the Mirror of Twilight, sending random Twili items away from the realm, by means of getting other realm’s people to go against each other, mainly the Realm of Light. The dark artifact is an ominous tool that was later used by Magnus in old Twilight Realm wars. It had been created by the former Dark Interloper rebel leader and enhanced by his successor naming the group Dark Age at the time. Just like other items crafted by the Dark Twili, this item was mainly used to either empower and or manipulate it’s host if their will is fairly weak, however, overtime, the artifact finally claims its victims.

Influencing The Twili under its control and being shattered

The artifact had been used by Magnus, who at the time was part of Dark Age, to take control of the Twili King’s bodyguards and friends, most notably, Macellrius, who quickly became a champion to Dark Age. The results of the Artifact made Macellrius lose his mind, turning him into a bloodthirsty war mongering archer. Soon the Artifact had been in Macellrius’ possession, in order to torture the king before killing him, however, Genneth II, the king at the time, was able to make the artifact backfire on the Dark Archer, breaking it in the process, in addition, used the last bits of his power to send the broken Artifact out of the Twilight Realm before he was killed. The Jewel had been transferred to the land in which the Twili had taken Refuges from Dark Age, Novos Orsa. This led to Dark Age trying to delay their conquest for power, and retrieve one of the strongest weapons in their arsenal. Dark Age had captured a few victims, also they had fled from war when their numbers grew low against Novos Orsa’s nations, forcing them to create a new strategy, this time number the command of Shad The Reaper, renaming Dark Age to New Ages Dark Interlopers, also known as NADI.

Sane’s Resolution

While Link was trying to find Epona and go back to Hyrule, and Gemmy trying to find his cousin and sister, the two had stumbled upon an usual swordsman by the name of Sane, who told the duo that he has a plan to finally rid NADI and probably use the Twili Artifact for the greater good. Link and Gemmy agreed to help Sane, however, they had mixed feelings about the rumors about this jewel. Despite aiding Sane in his resolution, Link and Gemmy had come up with a backup plan to destroy the Artifact once and for all, after learning of what it is capable of doing. Link and Company had to find the Pendants, which in theory can be used like a compass, since those pendants too originated sources found in the Twilight Realm.

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