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Soli'Dad City, formerly a shanty town, was built months later after the event that occurred in The original Soli'Dad Palace, which as of now, is buried and lost in the sand. The people of the desert also fortified their soldiers and deployed them during the early Twili invasion in the Broken Lands, and one of their soldiers had a Light Temple Built to house one of the weapons that was used to fight Okari during the war.

The Royal Family of this province

Gorptee Amira was the King of this land until he later died due to an illness. His wife, Rela Amira, who is also the queen, had to continue on to lead her people. Main looked up to Rela, due to having the same conviction and courage, just like her husband, an example of this is when the Garo Robe started to appear, some of them were sparred and joined the soldiers of Soli'Dad despite the bloody past. The daughter of Gorptee and Rela is Ameera Amira, also know as Mirah, due to her first name being somewhat identical to her last name. Her beauty shade an exhilarating light on the people of the desert, and the male Gerudos of the desert around her age adore her some much as some sought to marry her. Ameera was also trained in combat by 2 fellow Gerudos, Gamus and Gandalf. She trained with them sooner after Gandalf recovered from his unknown condition. She is also good friends with some of the Garos, who some themselves, were Gerudo and or a mixture of races.

Notable Figures

Notable Locations

Soli'Dad Square

Saul's Tavern

Soli'Dad Palace


Soli'Dad has a low race count on humans, since the Gerudo (male and female) make up most of the population. Some among them are mix as to some Gerudo who left the desert returned with their families if they chose to do so. The Garo Robe also leave there. Before and after the crisis, they made an impact on clearing out threats against the Del'Sol province. The rarest among the race found here, are the Shiekah, the whereabouts of their new home is unknown.