Sandside Port Town

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A small port Town with only 4 housing areas located. Link (The player) is granted the ability to travel to a destination via ship/sailing, however, depending on that day, the boat has a different route.

Heading to the far East will bring the player into the desert. You are warned by the guard to follow the Red Flags otherwise risk being lost.


Not much is in this Port Town expect a hangout location and a tourist house. The other two houses in the area basically empty, and or inhabitant by a Gerudo Native.

Ships in the Area

The 1st time Link (The player) travels here will be free of charge, however, it is coming from Port Town (Goshen Village) to Port Town (Sandside). After completing the 2nd Dungeon, Link will have to take the second ship that goes to this Port Town, that is on it's way to Fy'Vash Province.

The boat rides usually cost around 69-89 Rupees or more depending on the trip.

Early Screenshots

Link and Sane


Link speaking with Checkpoint Guard


Link talking to Gerudo Woman

Random Gerudo Woman.png

Link trying to speak to a Gerudo Man covered in cloth