Shattered Dimensions

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Game Information
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The Legend of Zelda: Shattered Dimensions:

Date Released: TBA
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Aero88
Publisher: {{{publisher}}}
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform(s): PC

Here you will find an engine demo for the main portion of the physics of my game. Also the menu and many of the items are functional. There is currently no story line or levels in this demo, but I am hopeing to start putting it together before too long. It has been a long time comming, but I am quite happy with the results of my efforts thus far. With the up and comming NCFC I have been inspired to push harder to add more content as I would like to enter this year, but as of yet I am not sure if I will be able to.

Currently Functional and Selectable Items: -Slingshot -Bombs -Bow and Arrows -Boomerang -Roc's Feather -Clawshot -Iron Boots -Lens of Truth

I have finished a couple more items such as the hover boots, and upgraded equipment, but it was not practical to include them in this engine demo so you will just have to imagin how they work for now... Which brings us to the notable features this demo has to offer.

Notable features -Link has some special evasive shield manuvers -Link can pick up rocks/bushes/ect. -Pits/Holes are complete -Cliff Jumping is complete -Quarter based heart system is complete -Unique terrain sounds depending on what Link is walking on -Rolling is complete -And of course the spin attack -And More!

Controls Movement - A,S,D,W Sword - J Action - K Shield - L C1 - U C2 - I C3 - O

Now if you don't like these keys very much don't worry about it too much. While the keys are not currently selectable by the player I have in the works the ability to customize the keys, but that will come at a later date.

As always I appreciate your feedback so please feel free to leave comments/critiques/compliments and/or brownies for me to enjoy. Thanks again for your time.

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