The Garo Robe (Ninja)

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Zeldawiki on The Garo

Leader - None (Each small group fall a Garo Master)

Group - Assassins/spies/Ninja/Protectors

Original Name - The Garo

The Garo Robe had been first introduced in Majora's Mask. The group were enemies of the Ikana Kingdom, and as well as the entity known as Gomess, who too was an enemy of the Ikana Kingdom. However, they were present during Majora's Mask as ghosts, among the undead.

Betrayal by Ikana's King

The Garo originated from an unknown land, and soon were an asset to The Ikana Kingdom, like bodyguards and trainers. Soon the king grew furious and wanted to cease power, which quickly made the Garo turn their back on Ikana. This soon led the Garo to spy on the kingdom, trying to overthrow the King as a mark of vengeance for killing those of the Garo. During the Majora's Mask story, some Garo remain there, still spying, however as ghosts. In the past, the Garos that fled started a new life, each of the high ranking Garo Robes and Masters forming their own group to either help or ruin others.

The Exile becoming a Garo Master

The Ikana solider who sided with the Garos continued to train in their home-world, this caused the solider, and his men to slowly age. Soon, the soldiers joined another band of Garo's and traveled to a new land where they are welcomed by other races. Among the places was Soli'Dad, however, a bloody conflict forced 2 Garo factions to turn on each other, however, both sides remain hidden because they are now marked as enemies of other races, mainly the Gerudo living in the desert. The 2 faction that split were Garo Robes following either Stelio or Illrigal, who are both high ranking Garo Masters.


  • The Garo Robe consist of other races, and possibly undead, however, it is unknown of the individual under the hood.
  • The home-world of the Garo could possibly be Subrosia, where most of the Garo Robe originated from to begin with.
  • Some Garo, who originate from the other factions take their hatred out on innocent people, being taught of the example of how they were betrayed by Ikana.
  • After the events of Ikana, some Garo find it better to commit suicide via bomb, just so they were not interrogated upon capture, marking this the way of the Garo, however, most Garos do not restore to such a ritual, instead vanish from site.