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Game Information
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The Legend of Zelda: The Last Oracle:

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Platform(s): PC

Words From The Developer

1) Another game with custom sprites! Who's spriting all of this? Do you have other team members your working with?

The games art is actually a mishmash of multiple sprites taken from various games. The link sprites are actually taken from a well known artist on Deviant art named Gregarlink10 who has also posted a couple other characters free to use on his page including a full Ganondorf sheet and the beginning to a Zelda sheet. I plan on using both in the full version. I am personally spriting a lot of the enemies from the Zelda 2 NES game simply because I couldn't find any higher quality versions of the sprites. Examples are the Red Daria enemies, Deku scrubs, and a couple bosses from the classic.

2) What are you writing this in? Is this on Game Maker or some other language?

I'm writing the engine in Game Maker: Studio.

3) Is there anything you want to say about the game's storyline?

I have just recently implemented a textbox system into the engine and have begin writing a short story for the game. The games quest is centered around 4 spiritual stones you must collect from the fallen Oracles defeated by Ganondarf. The Oracles were once the guardians of the land, with them gone Link is the only hope to restoring balance in the land of Hyrule. However, Legend has it that a 5th Oracle exists. Finding the Last Oracle may be the key to defeating Ganondorf. ...That's all I got so far lol

4) Not many fan games really take on the Zelda II style. What made you go for that?

Well, I actually coded a very basic, on room, side-scrolling engine using the Link sprites. I coded a Ganondorf battle just for fun. I thought the engine was so fun that I would keep adding to it.


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