The Legend of Zelda: Time Collapse

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Game Information
About The Legend of Zelda: Time Collapse:
Date Released: TBA
Genre: Generic Zelda game
Developer: Arceusrules
Publisher: NA
ESRB Rating: TBA
Platform(s): Computer

The legend of Zelda: Time collapse is a planned game based on a fanfic that Arceusrules are writing, and will probably, if it becomes a game, be created with the porject zelda engine, created by Silentrealm. It is the unofficial sequel to Ocarina of time, and thus features the same Link, but you can discover a lot more of Hyrule that were not featured in that game, like Hylian shore, Castor swamp and Death woods. It will feature the same graphics as A Link to the past, and feature many tiles from the Ocarina of time mapping project, credit will be given.


The Hero of time has come back from Termina to continue looking for Navi, but since he doesnt find her, he is discouraged. Zelda still tries to cheer him up, but Link leaves to settle down in kokiris forest. Link had warned Zelda about Ganondorf when he was sent back in time, and Ganondorf where imprisoned. The Deku tree would still die, Jabu-jabu where still cursed and Dodongos cavern where still locked. But in a Majoras mask fashion, it seemed as if all those things resolved themselves as Link had gone to Termina. The Deku tree was ultimately dead, Ruto was engaged with Link... Link where a goron brother and the caverns where unlocked. Also, the spiritual stones where at its place. It was as if a ghost Link had wandered around while Link where in another world. When Link came back to Hyrule, this fragment called ghost Link became Dark Link. During this time, time and space where very fragile.

Tonae was an orphan. She had been raised in Hyrules castle, by one of Zeldas maids, never allowed outside the castle as there where people after to kill her. Tonaes family where killed by them, and Impa had banned them from the Sheikahs. Tonae doesnt know why they would want to kill her, but Impa had trained her and Zelda in martial arts to protect themselves. Zelda where never allowed to speak her name.

However, in an unspecified timeline, in a technological advanced future, an incarnation of Demise called (Demisian right now) obtained the complete triforce and wished for the universes destruction. He had his own castle in the void. The destruction came in stages in the past. Soon, objects began to dissapear, and Impa knew the apocalypse where closing in, one of the Sheikah legends. She knew the Hero of Time wouldnt be able to solve this on his own. And since Tonae was strong enough, Impa called for Link to come. Saria wished Link good luck as he went to the castle once again.

Zelda told Link and Tonae that they had to go to the Temple of time. There Kaepora Gaebora, or Rauru, awaits them. Impa follows. In there, Kaepora Gaebora explains that a disturbance in the time and space fabric have caused the world to distort. If they dont do anything to stop it, they will all be reduced to nothingness. Tonae and Link are supposed to team up and gather the 8 keys of time, to enter the void where Demisian rules. The keys hwre created by Rauru and the Sheikah if the temple of time failed to operate. With them, they could get far enough into the future where the universe has already been destroyed (the destruction moves backwards in time). But Tonea refuses to help Link, but in the end agrees to be his leader if it is for the greater good.

Tonae badly wants to avenge her family, who where killed by two sheikahs. Together, she and Link has a great journey ahead of them to restore time and space...



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Credit to

Malefor, for motivating me to plan this as a game.

Revan, title screen font.

Dantheman, title screen text "ZELDA".