The Tower Sentinel

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The mechanical guardian of the Water Tower. The Sentinel went on defense mode and it is also the one who enabled tower defenses. Locking all doors and what not. All entrances are locked expect an old door at the top of the door, which requires a key.


Boss Fight

This mini boss is very, very unpredictable attacks and uses its abilities at will to defend the tower from intruders.


Hp: ?

Def: ?

Str: ?


MP: Varies




Used a beam or freezes the water in the room to drain the player's HP.


Locks the player within a room to prevent escape, the player must uses an emergency switch within the lockout trap rooms to escape from The Sentinel.

Sol Beam

The Sentinel uses its power to shoot laser like beams at the player.

Release The Kraken

This is a powerful move done by the Sentinel as a last resort. It uses the water in the room, combine with it's freeze ability to literally terminate the player. This move cannot be blocked and or dodged, so the player must escape the area in order to avoid this attack, this attack is not used in the mini boss battle.

Room Flood

This boss has the ability to flood the room in a certain amount of time. This is one of its, main abilities whereas if Link remains in a room or too long and or trapped, it will take the opportunity to rid of he player swiftly by drowning the player.


The boss appears in almost any room, randomly to attack the player. It will attempt to lockout the player in various rooms until the player reaches it's room. Fighting it is a pretty straight forward fight, however, any attack from this guardian deals major damage.



  • The Sentinel was inspired by Mother Brain from the Metroid Series, and The Robotic Sentinel from X-Men.
  • The Sentinel went corrupt at some point, however still remains true to what its creators have made it for, Defending the Water Tower and all objects within it from intruders.
  • The Sentinel is powered by a hidden Electrical Generator inside the Tower. In this Generator, are jelly, enemies from past Zelda games that produce electricity, who breed and remain there and act as a power source. Soon, Sol acts as a secondary power source, which the Sentinel draws it's power from.
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