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In the story of New Beginnings, The Twilight Realm is the land in which the Twili refuges originated from and also a key story element in the game Twilight Princess. In this story, the land had been overrun by Dark Age, now known as NADI, who literally ran the Twili out of their land. The Mirror of Twilight that was in the hands of the Kingdom had reconstructed and used only of means of escape if something bad were to happen, in addition, since they were banished from Hyrule, it was impossible for them to reenter that land.



A light source, that also acts as a sun to the Twili. During the escape, Sol had been shattered and destroyed, breaking them down to Sol Fragments, which can be crafted into items and weapons. During the Twili escape, Sol had been all over the air and the sky, bringing the fragments into Novos Orsa whereas the fragments multiplied when under sunlight and or moonlight. The early Refugees aided Novos Orsa in fighting NADI by infusing their weaponry with Sol, in addition, giving the soldiers the ability to sap Okari during the war.

Shadow Crystals

This source of darkness remained in the Twilight Realm and is commonly used to craft NADI devices. Only a few managed to make it past the mirror, thus, aiding Link create the Fusio Mask later on his journey, giving Link a chance to fight darkness with darkness..

Mirror of Twilight

The deiced used for escape, and later, for NADI in order to get back and forth through Novos Orsa. Dark Age wanted to create something similar in a way the Hylians have created theirs, used to banish the Twili.

Shadow Archer Bow

A weapon crafted by Magnus, to be given to Macellrius to carry out his plan on destroying The Twilight Kingdom.

Hex Shard

One of the items tossed into the mirror of twilight by Lukoz, in hopes of other races use it to cause trouble to their own; Lukoz wanted other races to feel hate and take it out on others. Hex Shards can easily be crafted by anyone who managed to get their hands on it, however, at a price.

Shadow Blade, Axe, Daggers

Basic weaponry used by Dark Age/NADI in the past, however, Sol can easily destroy such items.

Notable locations

Shadowhill Valley

A forest area where the first Mirror of Twilight was located, which was used of means of escape and aiding NADI get to the Broken Lands.

Shadowhill Woods

A location that surrounds the Valley in which the Mirror is located.

Old City (Ruined Twilight)

The old city was once the crowded city of the kingdom, now barren, with NADI grunts running around. The old city was used as a testing area for weaponry and devices created by NADI.

DarkMoon Tower

Serves as a Watchtower, and also a prison of criminals and confiscated works of Dark Age. The former leader, Lukoz, transported a few of Dark Ages weapons out of the realm into other Realm, of means of spreading their influence to those to turn against those of Light. Other items such as weaponry, had been seized and closed off for good. The soldiers of the Kingdom know the one of the power items Dark Age had, however, they were never able to get a hold of The Dark Artifact, a jewel that is infused with Sol and Shadow Shards, enveloped in dark power. The Tower is also the place where the King, Genneth II, had been killed by his lost former friend and ally, Macellrius, who to this day (in the story-line), remains in a curse by Genneth II, to force the Archer into a phantomish suspended state. The Mirror of Twilight is located in a nearby Forest location where NADI uses it to travel to Novos Orsa's broken Lands, soon a prototype had been deployed after the defeat of Okari, probably meaning that NADI was attempting another project aside from collecting the Dark Artifact.


  • The Twili were not the only inhabitants of the realm, the forgotten ones roam the most outer region of the realm.
  • Dark Moon Tower years after had become a Twili City, containing a castle.
  • Shadow Crystals gives some Twili's the ability to become a Shade if done correctly. The Fusio Mask gives Link this ability.
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