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User Information
About Rafa:
Profile: Profile Stats
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Location: California / Nevada

Rafa is fairly new to ZFGC, having first joined it through #zfgc in late April 2012. Whenever anyone talks about things that have happened in the past, most things go over his head.


On April 25th, Rafa ended up joining the channel via Vash. Rafa had been working on an IRC bot that has a few utilities and Vash was interested in one of its features.

<%Vash> rafa, is dongs keeping stats for #snoopy?
<Rafa> It's just here for the sake of being here
<Rafa> But yeah, I fixed it so it keeps `seen stats for every channel it's on
<Rafa> `seen vash
<Dongs> [2012-04-25 03:31:43 (33 seconds ago)] <Vash> rafa, is dongs keeping stats for #snoopy?
<%Vash> great.
<%Vash> can you join it to #zfgc too and then we can chat about doing some stats generation. >.>?
-> *Dongs* channel join #zfgc
<Rafa> It's there
<%Vash> Thanks
* Now talking in #zfgc
<&Vash> :D
<Rafa> `seen vash
<Dongs> [2012-04-25 03:34:07 (4 seconds ago)] <Vash> :D
<&Vash> `seen rafa
<Dongs> [2012-04-25 03:34:11 (18 seconds ago)] <Rafa> `seen vash
<Rafa> `seen asdfasdf
<Dongs> I don't know who asdfasdf is.
<%Theforeshadower> ?
<Rafa> Oh... Vash asked me to bring this bot here
<&Vash> dongs

Then later Ken kicked it out because anger.

<+Ken> Wait, what the fuck is this "CrateBot" (Dongs)?
* Dongs was kicked by ChanServ (Out. (Ken))
<+Ken> No fucking RMC bot is going to be sitting in here.

Which led to the bot's name being changed, since it wasn't the first time the bot was seen as suspicious because of its name.


Saorel is Rafa's IRC bot. It's meant to be a bot full of useful utilities that can be invited to every channel.

Here are some of its features (say the command in the channel to see how it's used):

  • @memo
  • @seen
  • @aseen
  • @timer
  • @pick

It also plays SuperUno in another channel, though it's not good at telling people how to play.

Its source code is freely available here.


Rafa has some experience with MediaWiki due to having hosted and managed a wiki for another site for several years.