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About Starforsaken101:
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Gender: Female
Location: Montreal
Notes: I am actually a Hulk



My name is Starforsaken101 and yes, I am a real girl. I'm not pretending. IRL, I am a game developer; yes, I am a girl programmer, don't shit your pants yet. Also, I have been described to be the hulk (you may shit your pants now).


I started frequenting ZFGC because I was dating the twin brother of Alex2539. This was back in 2005. I then re-joined the forum in 2007 or 2008 and was soon promoted to global moderator under the rule of 4Sword (aka Dimmish). I got involved with the KoT project early on with Steve and then suddenly I was more involved and stuff.

In 2012, the mighty purge happened and I rose to power with gm112 and MG-Zero (and another guy we don't really mention). And now we're here. I mostly do concept art for the KoT project.