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Database Ideas

1. Items

The idea is to have a collection of information about all of the items in the Zelda series, with the following data:

  • Item name(s)
  • (Preferably) pictures and/or sprites of the item
  • Item type (weaponry, quest item, equipment, etc.)
  • Level and upgrade tree
  • Locations, costs in Rupees
  • Damage value / armor value / other stat boosts
  • In-game / manual / guide descriptions and text info of what other characters say about this item
  • Uses of this item in regards to puzzle solving
  • Controls
  • similar items in the series
  • Implementation ideas in fangames, assuming the fangames use engines similar or identical to the originals (listed in a game-by-game fashion)

Other ideas of what should be added would be appreciated; please comment and post your ideas in those comments.

Please post a single tick mark (|, the horizontal bar) within the two brackets below if you want this on the site:
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And here if you advise against it:
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