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Game Information
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Zelda Online:

Date Released: TBA
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Rayo
Publisher: {{{publisher}}}
ESRB Rating: Everyone
Platform(s): PC

Words from the developer

Zelda Online is my new project including multiplayer features like Four Swords.

Goal of this project is to create a multiplayer game in which each of you can interact together, solve puzzles etc. The maps in which you play will be created by the community or yourself.


- Host/Join a game(Each player has a name and a colored tunic, no player limit)

- Website showing hosted games(If you have nodody to play with)

- Ingame chat(Press "C" to open console. Remembers the last three messages sent)

- Zelda gameplay a lá Minish Cap

- 10+ items(Not all finished, see "Progress" section)

- Enemies and NPC's(Work in progress, as well)

- Level Editor(Not included yet, see "Level Editor" section)

- XBox 360 Controller support(Needs to be plugged in before the game starts)

Eye Candy


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The game can be downloaded from the official website. Each time you start the game the game will check if it is up to date and inform you if you need to update the game. The game saves automatically after entering a new room.

If you have nobody to play look at the official website, there you find all games which are currently hosted. Since there are not much level editor maps yet you will play in Aurelia. Not all multiplayer features are included, but it is enough for the first release.

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