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Game Information
About Skyward Sword:
Date Released: EU Nov 18, 2011

NA Nov 20, 2011
JP Nov 23, 2011
AU Nov 24, 2011

Genre: Action-Adventure
Developer: Nintendo EAD

Nintendo SPD
Monolith Soft

Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: E10+
Platform(s): Wii

Save Format

Skyward Sword uses an 0xFBE0 byte file for it's save data, with a complementary file called "skip.dat" which contains data about which cutscenes the current player is allowed to skip. The file itself is called "wiiking2.sav" and is the source of Antidote's domain name.

The save file is broken up into 3 "chunks" the first chunk is the header, which is 0x20(32) bytes in length, the save data itself (3 0x5BC0 byte "adventures"), and a second copy of skip.dat. The redundant skip data is used to replace either version incase of corruption (I) have thoroughly tested this).

Save Header

Address Size (in bytes) Typical Value Purpose
0x0000 4 SOU [E,J,P,K] Identifies which region the save is from.
0x0004 27 0x00 Padding?
0x001F 1 0x1D Appears to be the size of the header in bytes minus 2

Adventure File

The adventure starts after the 0x20(32) byte header, each "Adventure" is 0x53BC bytes in size followed by a 4 byte checksum, and is structured as follows:

Address Size (in bytes) Typical Value Purpose
0x0000 8 Varies Holds the current playtime in ticks.
0x0008 8 Varies Holds the last save date and time in ticks since 1-1-2000 12AM
0x0010 24 Varies Player Origin
0x0028 24 Varies Camera Origin
0x0040 2195 0x00 Unknown (Seems to simply be a RAM area used by the game, editing these doesn't do anything appreciable)
0x08D3 1 0x00 - 0x45 Location ID
0x08D4 16 Link Hero's name in Big Endian UTF-16
0x08E6 1 Varies Not much is known, seems to pertain to cutscenes.
0x08E7 1 Varies Ditto (not the Pokemon)
0x08E8 1 0x00 - 0xFF Controls scenes, as well as whether or not you can select weapons
0x08E9 1 0x00 - 0xFF Controls scenes, as well as whether you have the Hero's Tunic or not.
0x08EA 2 Varies Undocumented
0x08EC 1 Varies Stolen Items Need to research more
0x08ED 2 Varies Undocumented
0x08EF 1 Varies Stolen Items Need to research more
0x08F0 1 Varies Undocumented
0x08F1 1 Varies Event Flags, needs research
0x08F2 3 Varies Undocumented
0x08F6 1 Varies Possibly Scene flags, also has Deku Hornet (or by 0x80 to enable)
0x08F7 1 Varies Undocumented
0x08F8 1 Varies Scene flags, needs more research
0x08F9 2 Varies Undocumented
0x08FB 1 Varies Scene Flags, needs more research
0x08FC 1 Varies Undocumented
0x08FE 1 varies Scene flags, Hero Mode (or by 0x08 to enable)
0x08FF 12 varies Undocumented
0x090C 1 Varies Stolen Items, Item Interface
0x090D 1 Varies Stolen Items
0x090E 10 Varies I Have a hunch to what these do, but need more research
0x0919 1 Varies Rattle, needs more research
0x091A 2 Varies Undocumented
0x091D 1 Varies Beedle's Insect Cage, needs more research
0x091E 4 Varies Undocumented
0x0922 1 Varies Crawlin's Letter
0x0923 16 Varies Undocumented
0x0934 1 Varies Treasure
0x0935 1 Varies Undocumented
0x0936 1 Varies Treasure
0x0937 1 Varies Treasure
0x0938 9 Varies Undocumented? o.0
0x0941 1 Varies Cutscene related
0x0942 90 (holy shit O.O) Varies Undocumented
0x09D2 1 0x00, 0x20, 0x40, or those values or'd by 0x08 Interface type.
0x09D3 17 Varies Undocumented
0x09E4 1 Varies Items (i have more information on this)
0x09E5 1 Varies Cutscene/Tutorial related.
0x09E6 1 Varies Items
0x09E7 1 Varies Cutscene/Tutorial related
0x09E8 1 Varies Items
0x09E9 1 Varies Items
0x09EA 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene releated?)
0x09EB 1 Varies Items
0x09EC 1 Varies Items
0x09ED 1 Varies Items
0x09EE 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09EF 1 Varies Items
0x09F0 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09F1 1 Varies Items
0x09F2 1 Varies Items
0x09F3 1 Varies Items
0x09F4 1 Varies Items
0x09F5 1 Varies Items
0x09F6 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09F7 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09F8 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09F9 1 Varies Items
0x09FA 1 Varies Items
0x09FB 1 Varies Items
0x09FC 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09FD 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09FE 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x09FF 1 Varies Unknown (Cutscene related?)
0x0A00 51 Varies Undocumented
0x0A34 2 Varies Golden skull and Goddess Plume quantities
0x0A36 2 Varies Evil Crystal and Blue Bird Feather quantities
0x0A38 2 Varies Monster Horn and Ornamental Skull quantities
0x0A3A 2 Varies Jelly Blob and Monster Claw quantities
0x0A3C 2 Varies Amber Relic and Dusk Relic quantities
0x0A3E 2 Varies Eldin Ore and Ancient Flower quantities
0x0A40 2 Varies Tumble Weed and Lizard Tail quantities
0x0A42 2 Varies Deku Hornet Larvae and Bird Feather quantities
0x0A44 2 Varies Sky Stag beetle and Starry Firefly quantities
0x0A46 2 Varies Gerudo DragonFly and Eldin Roller quantities
0x0A48 2 Varies Sand Cicada and Lanayru Ant quantities
0x0A4A 2 Varies Blessed Butterfly and Volcanic Ladybug quantities
0x0A4C 2 Varies Deku Hornet and Skyloft Mantis quantities
0x0A4E 2 Varies Faron Grasshopper and Woodland Rhino Beetle quantities
0x0A50 2 Varies Gratitude Crystals
0x0A52 2 (?) Varies Unknown
0x0A54 2 (?) Varies Unknown
0x0A56 2 (?) Varies Unknown
0x0A5E 2 Varies Rupees
0x0A60 2 Varies Slingshot ammo
0x0A62 4,099 Varies Undocumented
0x1A66 1 varies Cutscene/tutorial flags
0x1A67 1 Varies Undocumented (fairly certain it pertains to cutscene stuff)
0x1A68 1 Varies Cutscene flags
0x1A69 1 Varies Skyloft cutscene flags
0x1A6A 1 Varies Unknown (probably cutscene related)
0x1A6B 1 varies Cutscene/Character interaction flags
0x1A6C 275 Varies Undocumented
This seems to be scratchpad
0x30F5 1 Varies Skyloft cutscene flags
This seems to be scratchpad
0x30FB 1 Varies Rupee in links closet/cutscene flags
This seems to be scratchpad
0x5302 2 0x00 to 0x50 Total Health
0x5304 2 0x00 to 0x50 Unknown health information (Counter?)
0x5306 2 0x00 to 0x50 Current Health
0x5309 2 Varies (need to research each area) Current Room
0x530A 17 Varies Seems to be related to items, a bunch of the Potion+/++ data is here
0x531C variable null terminated F000 Current Map String
0x533C variable null terminated F000 Current Location String
0x535C variable null terminated F000 Current Location String (copy of 0x533C?)
0x53AD 1 0 or 1 isNew flag (if non zero the file is new (why non zero nintendo?!?!?!!?))
0x53AE 2 0x00 to 0x09 (0x09 is the harp it does absolutely jack) Equipped Item
0x53B3 1 0x00 or 0x01 isNight
0x53BC 4 varies Checksum