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Here on ZFGCpedia, we deploy use of some custom-written templates. This page is to provide documentation on those templates.

A Note on templates: You do NOT need to satisfy each attribute in order for certain templates to draw. Click here to see examples


Game Template

Template:Game The game template is used to create a metadata info "badge" of sorts detailing information on the given title. You MUST fill in all of the attributes for this template to draw properly.


In a wiki article, to employ the user of the game template, the following has to be entered:

  • title - For specifying the title of the game.

Ex: |title=Legend of Zelda

  • release - For sepcifying the release date. Append a <br /> should you want to add a line break for additional release date information(this applies to any entry here).

Ex: |release=NA: July 1, 1999

  • genre - For specifying the genre of the title.
  • developer - Who are the developer(s) working on the game
  • ESRB - ESRB rating, if applicable.
  • platform - Platform(s) the title was published on.


Game Information
About Skyward Sword:
Date Released: EU Nov 18, 2011

NA Nov 20, 2011
JP Nov 23, 2011
AU Nov 24, 2011

Genre: Action-Adventure
Developer: Nintendo EAD

Nintendo SPD
Monolith Soft

Publisher: Nintendo
ESRB Rating: E10+
Platform(s): Wii

|title=Skyward Sword
|release=EU Nov 18, 2011<br />
NA Nov 20, 2011<br />
JP Nov 23, 2011<br />
AU Nov 24, 2011 |genre=Action-Adventure |developer=Nintendo EAD<br />
Nintendo SPD<br />
Monolith Soft |publisher=Nintendo |ESRB=E10+ |platform=Wii }}

User Badge Templates

I will use my own user badge as an example here. Mediawiki gives each user a personal page associated with their user account.

NOTE: You DO NOT need to satisfy each attribute for this template to draw properly.




User Information
About CustomTemplates:
Gm112 avatar.png
Profile: Profile Stats
Gender: Male
Location: Ohio
Notes: gm112 smellz
|notes=gm112 smellz

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