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|title = Shadow Cloak
|title = Shadow Medallion
|type = Equipment (Active)
|type = Equipment (Active)
|obtained = Sheikah dungeon
|obtained = Sheikah dungeon

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Shadow Medallion
Type Equipment (Active)
Obtained Sheikah dungeon

Pressing the assigned button toggles on/off the cloak. Holding the button you’re wearing it creates a shell of yourself that is left behind in the spot you created it. The shell dissipates when you press the action button or if you remove the cloak. The shell can be used to hold down switches, and perhaps other uses. The shell can be destroyed when exposed to direct beams of light, from the sun or light type attacks.

While wearing the cloak, illusions become obvious. Spikes or blocks that aren't real will have some kind of visual effect, and will be passable while the shadow cloak is worn. Some invisible paths will become visible as well. Wearing the cloak consumes your magic.

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