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Geogre, Stepfather (Deceased)
Geogre, Stepfather (Deceased)
Denita, Stepmother (Deceased)
Denita, Stepmother (Deceased)
The Butcher
Dark Archer
One man Army

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Name: Macellrius Age: ??? Ht: ??? Affiliation: Became corrupted, resulted in his sealing

Family Magnus, ??? Minda, his sister Geogre, Stepfather (Deceased) Denita, Stepmother (Deceased)


The Butcher Dark Archer One man Army

His Past


Present Day

Due to the Dark Artifact sealing his fate, the young man is stuck in a suspended state as he sits on the throne of the former Twili king he had killed. He cannot speak or see anyone, however, anyone within the room can see the ghostly figure of him as he sits there, not moving or doing anything. Magnus on the other-hand knows Macellrius' intention and plans to see it through, he recruited Shad, who later climbed the ranks and started to recruit people of his own. Among the followers, Shad has one of the fragments to tthe Artifact and he is deemed leader until Macellrius has been recover with the use of the Dark Artifact.

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