Dragon Diary - Cybernetic Threat in Japan

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Game Information
About Dragon Diary - Cybernetic Threat in Japan (Reign of White Dragon)

Dragon Diary - 日本におけるサイバネティック脅威 (Reign of White Dragon):

Date Released: Unknown
Genre: Action
Developer: Linkwolf48
ESRB Rating: T
Platform(s): PC

Early version of Blacklight nightclub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvDqqkTXAc8

Top-Down Movement (How the game may look like) A Quick Mock-up engine made to represent how the game would be like, minus the dbz buu's fiery-like combat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3hfA7tleXoQ

Actually called Dragon Diaries, based on a boy who was raised on an island who had experience a life changing moment in his life. To better protect the boy, the uncle of the boy had him leave the island with a former student of his, who is continuing his master's legacy in the United States. The boy's name is James Konta. He quickly becomes a hero in a technological world, still holding true to his olden samurai, he and a number of newcomers and tragic heroes combat bad guys that have exploited the broken government within the united states and across the world.

Prologue Summary

SAT of Tokyo sends 1 of 3 of their highly trained SWAT team lead by Ayumi Saito (U7 group). Among them is an unnamed member they called the Rookie(Other members being Zantao, Tanaka, Yula Steebound, and Brutus).

On the station, the team can here Japanese anchors address the issue with incoming threats from the gang holding up the warehouse. Ayumi sends The Rookie along with an American recruit named Barret Steelbound. The 2 used stealth tactics to clear the route of gang members and meet up with Ayumi and her crew.

The Rookie and Steelbound accompanied by Ayumi's crew, along with Japanese SWAT raided a warehouse of a gang known as The White Dragon and defeated the major threats found inside, Vitarius and Fe'Lora MeLeon, Japanese/French natives in Kyushu. After their defeat, the SWAT team made their way into the storage room where the so-called hostage, Leon St. Marc II is found, but heavily injured from plasma induced weaponry to the side of his belly. SWAT did not only recover Leon, who died shortly after, but a futurist device feeding information to a bio-engineered android marked as S011. The crystallized data, along with everything connected to the Android had been transported to an old faculty that is used to destroy technology to prevent landfills. After the death of Leon, all documentation, holograms, etc. where later destroyed, leaving the raid, along with the events that occurred a history.

List of Items


DD Locations

Dragon Diaries Story

DD Gangs and Groups

Dragnis and Meta-Humans

Game Mechanics

(Jordan, James, Momoko, Nadi, Corbin)

DnD Topdown World.png

There is currently 2 scrapped engines of the game. The first, as seen in the video, being a side-scroller based game, this engine is and was always extremely buggy, however, the animations were pretty much on point.

The second engine is top-down based. The graphics are Pokemon-ish, however the game functions that of Dragonball Z Buu's Fury, whereas the player is capable of attacking, running, blocking, in addition of swimming. The only pieces of graphics were naked skeleton animations, with exception of some being detailed and dressed, for instance, a Japanese policeman. If this were to be revived into a game and not a story alone, this engine will mostly be in use.

Z-Attack, Speak, etc (shoot if SWAT)

X-hold to run

Space- Block/Defend (Equip gun; cannot block as SWAT)

The Dragni Trait/DNA

Humans intertwined with Dragni DNA are a force of to be reckoned with. They are superhuman beings are capable of doing either good or bad.

Dragni, short for Dragonialos, is a special trait that is intertwined with those individuals at birth. Those born with the superhuman trait are commonly born in Japan, however, as years went by, Dragni decided to group with those matching their eye color and move about in the world. The ones that remain behind ended up joining the Yakuza in New Japan. Those born with Full or Half are basically superhuman ready. Another thing about Dragnis is that at birth they bare a dragon-like birth mark on their backs. If the Dragon mark goes right, it means “Yin”, but if the opposite side, Yang. This usually means that the bare of these traits destiny and or path as been chosen, and or can be altered depending on the circumstances.

Most notable Dragni was a solider named Techchikoma (FD with green eyes), a foreigner from the British Kingdom who was adopted by Chinese parents during the Qing Dynasty.

Dragnis either full or half blooded share various eye colors. This usually means which clan among the Dragnis there in and at times, among themselves, who is more threatening and or less threatening, in other words, if the opponent is formidable. Despite the different levels of power, strength and speed, and fighting style, it can vary one Dragni’s ability to fight another Dragni. For instance, James being a Dragni with red eyes knows most fighting styles and is knowledge with the way of the samurai, as for NeoNinja being blue-eyes knows the way of the ninja, and trained himself to alter is current agility. Surprisingly, Dragnis are nearly invincible in battle, unless fought against another Dragni. Half-Dragni, tend to stick to their human traits making them a vulnerable to man-made weapons and such.

Dragni Eye Color

  • White-Dragni with white eyes and full-bloodied tend to be the more aggressive and superior among their other counterparts.
  • Red-Below White, they are strong and nearly on par with White eyed Dragni.
  • Blue-They are not that strong, but rely on their speed and evasiveness give them an edge in battle.
  • Green-Compared to the others, they are balanced in strength and speed.
  • Orange-They are at their peek-strength and speed, but not as tough as the others.

Half-Dragni - Normal human appearance, however, the eye color is still visible, but not as more in depth as Full-Dragni eyes.

Full-Dragni - Depending on race, the skin tone is a bit darker and the color of their eyes are a bit brighter and more dilated.

Dragni Trivia

All Dragnis, expect the first one being the woman, have their hearts on the opposite side of their body, this includes Full/Half Dragnis.

Dragnis are render invincible, however, there have been some cases of vulnerability, despite the healing factor.

Dragnis can also be enraged, forcing them to be a bit stronger than usual, however, usual after this process, fatigue is an issue if not taken care of. For example, it is like they turned into the Hulk for a period of time.


Unlike Meta Humans or people with enhanced abilities, like military forces, etc. Dragni’s are superhuman and have other abilities that contribute to them such as a healing factor, rough skin to prevent them from being stabbed, shot at, etc. They are

Human Strength They have beyond peek to superhuman strength. They care capable of taking down a dual steel plated wall if need be, this is common with White and Purple Dragnis, who are considered the perfect ones of the munch, any of those 2 Dragni clans are superior to those clans below them, with Purple being the best of them all. Speed & Agility Dragnis are fast, mainly when they are moving from point to point without interruption. Those of the Blue Dragni Clan are quite fast to the point where they could react quickly to anticipate their opponents next move. High Senses All Dragnis have a heighten senses. This allows them to detect incoming threats quickly. Since Dragnis are often surrounded by people or hiding among people, their senses go off, so they try to maintain complete focus to not go crazy for everything and everyone around them. D-Adrenaline (Dragni Rush) Healing Factor Dragnis also have a healing factor, which is the first of their abilities to trigger when near death, prompting the hidden Dragni DNA to trigger, that is if the person isn’t already death or killed. For example, when James was impaled by one of the Metal Heads (robot) who were in his village, he was struck in the abdomen, putting him into shock, and bleeding out, since he had a bit of life in him, the healing factor began to repair the wound quickly, making James recover, however, if James was instantly killed, the healing factor would not have worked. Hard Skin Tissue Their rough skin also serves as a shield covering for moves of their major to large body parts. Dragni’s can still feel the pain of the shot and or can be penetrated by skin tissue that is normal. They are also capable of taking stee;/titanium blades impaled inside of them and still walk away as if it never happen. Some cases Dragni’s can be impaled by a sword, rendering them slightly paralyzed, if they are weak. The sword could be stuck inside of them and they are still able to live.

Strengths Depending on the clan of the Dragni, regarding eye color, their strengths, abilities and weaknesses varies. For instance, Blue Dragni are a lot faster and agile than their counter parts, whereas Read are a bit slower and have a lot more strength behind any attack they make.

Weaknesses In a sense, Dragnias are still people, human. They can be killed with beyond normal weaponry, like a nuke. Dragnis can also be killed by their own kind for their own abilities are able to overpower their own, for example, being able to break the neck or injure another Dragni. Dragni 20% have their hearts on the opposite body, the right side. If somehow they were impaled in the heart, they can die if whatever is stuck on their heart lasts for 10 minutes. This slows down the healing factor and forces it to focus more on the heart being repaired instead of their body, so this leaves a Dragni vulnerable and or open to a number of attacks to exhaust him/her in battle. It is even devastating if adrenaline had ended, not having the energy and focus to heal fast enough of said body parts. Zegma, is rumored to be a Dragni, for his eyes were already white, being a White Clan Dragon, and he bears a dragon birth mark on his back that is hard to see. Zegma is unique, for he is also Meta-human, making his healing factor go through the roof. If he were to be killed, his body would repair itself, rendering Zegma immortal, or impossible to be killed.

The Dragni’s bloodline originated from olden time Japan myth/story whereas a beautiful young woman was rushing back from home only to split into a beyond normally blue lake.

Dragni bloodline origin

Dragnis originated from Japan during the mind 1400s in the Muromachi period. The first being a Japanese woman, named Akaoka Saiyota (1443-1560), a female hunter, archer and later, samurai. During her patrol during a massive storm, she had to cross a road block via woodland area, as she tried to hop across a cliff, she splits down into a strange blue lake and apparently drowns in it. She reawakens 3 days later after the storm, waking up in an empty lake, to which she thinks it was cursed. She gave birth to 2 twins, who are Dragni's moments before her husband had died. She wanted to see revenge and finally found the man who sent assassins to kill not just her husband, but her people. she couldn't go back, thinking to herself that the people of Japan needed her. During her last days, she aided Oda Nobunaga take now Yoshimoto's man with a surprise attacking.

during the fight she was heavily injured, with spears, shrapnel, and arrows stuck inside of her. A bomb went off behind her, not just killing some of Oda Nobunaga's men, but impaling Akaoka in her back, hitting her back, eventually reaching her heart and slowing down her healing abilities. She had the piece of metal stuck in her heart and still managed to down 234+ men out of 25k from Yoshimoto's army. Akaoka Saiyota, age 117, collapsed in battle and died minutes later, peacefully.

Her body had been recovered, and she had been buried in Kyoto as a hero, who fought like a dragon, even when near death. It is unknown if she could have lived longer, if the shrapnel had been removed from her body, but at the time, no one was capable of doing such.