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Age: ??? (Looks like in his mid-late 20s)

Ht: 6.5' ft.

Affiliation: Became corrupted, resulted in his sealing Allegedly part of NADI.


Magnus, ??? Minda, his sister Geogre, Stepfather (Deceased) Denita, Stepmother (Deceased)


The Butcher, Dark Archer, One man Army

His Past

He was a high ranking Twili Solider who had been caught in fight with a rebel group known as Dark Age. The group attacked little by little, only binding time for an all-out attack on the Twilight Kingdom. Mallcerius, Jean, Marko and Genneth II took it upon themselves to fight Dark Age, in the end their lost friend Mallcerius s, which now uses a powerful bow to slay his enemies. Eventually risked his life being consumed, thanks to the bow. Mallcerius pleaded Ganneth II to imprison him for he would not corrupt others and or kill them. Mallcerius ' influenced Dark Age and they plan to take advantage of him. Dark Age snuck inside Dark Moon Tower and maxed out the corruption on Mallcerius, driving him mad and bloodthirsty. Mallcerius marched to the Twilight Kingdom killing everyone in his way, attempting to retrieve the Dark Artifact for Dark Age. Genneth II at the time had everyone evacuate thanks to a prototype Mirror of Twilight, however, his life ended at the hands of Mallcerius, who retrieved a rigged Dark Artifact, which was destroyed and transfer out of the realm, cursing Mallcerius to be in a suspended state, becoming inactivity. Before he was forcefully paralyzed and walked to the throne room of Genneth II and sat there, awaiting to be free of his curse. The former rebel leader of Dark Age, Magnus, changed the name to NADI. He took his remaining forces through the mirror of Twilight only to be ambushed by the forces of light. After the war, they had retreated back, having another mirror in the works. One of the victims who were kidnapped, Shad, had the ability travel back and forth without use of a mirror, for he had the blood of a human and Twili and carried a fragment of the artifact. So Shad was used to do Magnus' bidding in helping revive Mallcerius.

Present Day

Due to the Dark Artifact sealing his fate, the young man is stuck in a suspended state as he sits on the throne of the former Twili king he had killed. He cannot speak or see anyone, however, anyone within the room can see the ghostly figure of him as he sits there, not moving or doing anything. Magnus on the other-hand knows Mallcerius intention and plans to see it through, recruited Shad, who later climbed the ranks and started to recruit people of his own. Among the followers, Shad has one of the fragments to the Artifact and he is deemed leader until tall fragments are put together to remove Mallcerius from his suspended state.


  • Mallcerius has been inspired by 3 fictional characters in other game series:

-Jack of Blades from Fable

-Julius from Sword of Mana

-Turok (Tal'Set) from the Turok Series

  • Mallcerius had been created as a villain with no past or history, later on, a number of back stories were created to better represent the villain, who himself use to be a hero.
  • By blood, Mallcerius is of the Twili race, and was born within The Twilight Realm.
  • Macellerius aging could have stopped when he was young. For he had murdered Genneth II, and during the time Link is present in Nuovos Orsa, Genneth II son has grown up, and Minda is older too or she was very young, her abilities cause her to age slowly.
  • Mallcerius was able to kill his former friend Genneth II, who was a king, a bit of this inspiration came from The play of Macbeth where was able to kill the king, however, suffered afterwards.
  • Mallcerius is literally a one man army after being given a powerful Twili Weapon, in which he used to destroy warriors in the Twilight Realm. As for Link, Thanks to The Fusio Mask used to counter this, Link is able to battle Mallcerius, without; Link would vaporized be neutralized by Mallcerius Bow.
  • Mallcerius didn't fall to darkness, however, he let the Dark Age's influence lure him in, and the false accounts by the kingdom, leading to the death of his step father bring him to what he is now.
  • Mallcerius has a father; however, what became of him is unknown. His real mother has died after the refugees had escape, same could be said of his real father who is speculated to be alive, however, it is unknown if he escaped The Twilight Realm or not.
  • The formation of the Artifact causes Mallcerius to relive the dark times of his past (where at the time he lost his mind), making him bloodthirsty towards his opponents.
  • The Bow Mallcerius uses is among the other items made by Dark Age and or other Twili's of old, other items being Majora's Mask, The Dark Artifact and more. Mallcerius found the bow as a child and during his time as a solider/warrior was a champion among the army in The Twilight Realm.
  • Mallcerius currently is in a suspended State where he is like a phantom that is frozen in time, unable to move speak or see, just sitting in place where is his froze in time. The Prophet, Magnus claims to be the only one who could communicate with Mallcerius, making the plan to retrieve the Dark Artifact.
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