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Demo Version 0.2/0.3

As mention before the early version of the game so far. It was created in Dlbrooks33's LTTP Engine before it was later merge on with the BG Engine he made. The result of the merge expanded to 3 instead of 2. Also giving Link and update on thrusting and wall bouncing, etc. This demo is buggy and a bit mess, this was one of the first demos I've ever made public. Had been release around 2010.

Link for Demo located here: https://app.box.com/demo02

Demo Version 0.6

Was only given to a selected few to test it out for bugs and such. It wasn't that superior to demo v0.2, however, the updated changes made it better then what it was previously. Plus this demo introduced the first few enemies in game, Blind Jr, Dasum, and Dark Link (Riku). Deku Link was introduced in this version as well. The demo was no demo for this version.

Demo v 0.8

The focus here was building the locations in game, mainly some of the bigger areas. Also enemies have been added to the roster. Link's other form was out into play minus the graphics, Zora Link. There was no demo for this version.

Demo Version 1.1

The latest demo was tested by a selected few, and as always, the progress is still going, however, it is still in a steady pace, most likely, graphic wise. A modified version of the engine, which includes more weapons, quests and enemies. It also includes the advance choice system whereas the player's choices and actions depicts the outcome of NPCs and or items in game. Gog has been changed: Instead of a Poe Alien, he is now a Pirate, however, the item is still present. The item gives the player abilities to wall through certain walls to get to unreachable areas. Enemies have been modified to they go attack the nearest target instead of a single unit. Cut-Scenes have been improved; they look smoother than before, just temporarily removed animation of NPCs during them. Game Over Events needs a bit of work, but it is working fine. Save system has been changed to match that of what is seen in Pokémon games, such as New Game, Continue, etc. Saving can only be done 2 ways now, by Save Owl and or sleeping at an Inn. Save Owls are rare and can only be activate during certain accomplishments. Black Ice has been added, and or the freezing of players and or enemies. Still need to fix it up a bit more for enemies however. Goodnight's Time System has been upgraded.

There was a demo for this version, however, it was private.

Demo Version v 1.2 (Private)

Many changes and fixes from 1.1, this will be the second time I will drop a public demo for people to play with, the last one being demo 0.2. The demo will have enemies that have been added and or fixed. The player will be able to fight a random group of enemies at the start, some areas, the selection of enemies will be random. The player also have a chose to make it harder whereas you will only have access to upgraded weapons and or heal up when the area is clear.

As for the demo seen in one of the recent videos on YouTube, the 2nd Dungeon, this will be public soon after this demo is release.

Demo Version 1.2 (Public) - November 2014

NCFC 2014 Booth: http://www.nintendocfc.com/booth.html?id=75

Tutorial Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-z3WjdiE5iE

Technical Demo 1.2 download: https://app.box.com/s/k6au0cataqppp49gxq2v

This demo had been released in November in time for the NCFC 2014 convention. The demo contains just 25% items open for the player to grab and test.

The music in the demo had been disabled because I did not have time to edit/mix songs I had saved for it, however, next time around it will be present.

The demo features the first 4% of the game, whereas the player could explore Orlo Gale, even though some parts are blocked off, most places can be visited and or seen despite not being able to access them.

The only known bug is the save/load feature if the player were to save and come back to the game a few days later, they suffer from these issues: Link clones, Link, player object not responsive, slimmed out text (switch could be fixed via entering/exiting areas).

I am working on a save/load feature instead of relying on the game maker version, just so players will not lose progress.

The demo has a few typos, which has been fixed already.

Demo Version 1.4

NCFC 2015 Tech demo of ver. 1.4b, this demo is mainly to showcase the First Dungeon. More was to be added, however, there wasn't much time to add on more content.


Demo Version 1.5

Improvements from a bit of feedback from previous demo, 1.5 will be out very soon, with a majority of the over-world expanded more.

Had been delayed twice, but the official release will be May 14, 2016 on a Saturday.

The 1.5 demo had been delayed twice already and most issues have been resolved during that time.

Something in the dungeon was causing the game to crash immediately and or when the player is in the dungeon for a certain amount of time (usually a few seconds).


CODING/SCRIPTS: Scene blockers have been added in and during some cut-scenes to prevent glitching.

  • Hint markers are added to help player make use of Fairy.
  • Player's Fatigue Meter depletes from actions correctly.

So no more Gels being able to tackle you and taking more than 2/3 of HP.

  • Sub-Boss has been remade, fight is a bit longer and harder than the original.
  • Sub-Boss Cut-Scene is fixed, just a few typos that needs correction.
  • Player is able to skip longer cut-scenes, short cut-scenes not be skippable, but speeding through text with A key is still doable.
  • Player takes correct damage from enemy targets; damage various depending on status of Fatigue Meter.
  • Fake Guards now block area to sub-dungeon, player was able to glitch pass them or force a global. variable to force the guards to go away.
  • Fairy cannot comment during a paused/map event taking place, can still be summoned (Pressing F key during pause/map/ocarina).
  • Damage intake Calculator has been fixed: Player no longer takes on damage if fatigue meter is in the red.
  • Passive energy counter has been fixed, it resets correctly instead of going negative.
  • Player can choose to skip Revol, but this hinders saving Cole, he won't listen to you because Revol escapes to BellBrooke Town to bump into Cole, whom he knows.
  • Sub-Dungeon has been re-created, smaller this time, it's previous version was buggy and the root of the crashes.

So it took me some days to remake this dungeon, put in the elements the previous one had, minus the extra objects.

  • The player no longer freezes during certain cut-scenes and player interaction with objects and NPCs.
  • Enemies no longer move during enemy info text when fairy is used.


  • Dasum has been revamped.
  • Tile errors have been fixed on both Flora Road and Flora Lake.


Original Mar.30th 2016 <Halted due to further testing>

April 14th 2016<Halted due to major bug/crash found during testing>

May 14, 2016, Saturday <Private demo release tested, preparing for release soon (just minor type errors were spotted.)>

Demo Link: Will be up shortly

  • I had to delay it a few times because I am quite busy now*

FIXES (More fixes after May 14th private test):

  • Player no longer takes massive amounts of damage from enemies, even the minor ones. This goes hand in hand with the fatigue meter (green bar), so damage IS increase if the bar is low and renders Link vulnerable in fights.
  • Enemies flash normally when damaged, previously it was bugged, confusing the player if they hit the enemy or not.
  • Most blockade objects are not invisible anymore, proper animation for these objects are now shown.
  • The player can no longer skips various places via walljump or passing a main story cut-scene.
  • Tile errors have been fixed.
  • Type/link break errors in speech, most have been fixed, had to play the game over and over again to fixes these^^, I think there is some, but nothing major.
  • New area added: BellBrooke Cemetery.
  • Bandit Hideout has been fixed from the massive crashes it suffered from before and side-quest boss and mission has been changed.
  • Fairy cannot comment during a paused/map event taking place, can still be summoned. Even during speeches, the fairy can only be summoned.
  • Enemies such as mini Zol (Small Chu Gels) are enabled to sap player energy normally, if in groups they mass sap player's fatigue meter.
  • Pressing space inside houses should no longer give game code errors.
  • Player is able to sleep on a bed properly to recover HP/Energy (energy gained from napping has to be increased still).

Once again, sorry for the delays for this tech demo, just wanted it to be good enough to avoid crashes. The only area the player cannot go to is the Outskirts, this causes the game to freeze so that has to be looked into, but other areas can be visited.