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About Miles07:
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Gender: Male
Location: Sauterne, Gallant, Coroland, Earth-Gaia, Infinity Zone

Spriter, planner, artist, and programmer.

But mostly just a (video game) player.

One thing I like doing for video games is making databases of their entities. For example (if that HUGE sprite sheet with every Zelda-related item on it wasn't indication enough), I like keeping a list of items in the Zelda series and noting collection order, upgrade trees, variations among similar items in other games, etc. I'd like to do something like that for the Zelda games on this site; please post a simple "agree" or "disagree" on my Talk page under the appropriate title to show your support / disapproval of having this data on the 'Pedia, as well as ideas for other data to have available.

"It's too dangerous out there! Take this (information)!"