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the corruption happen in Japan quite early when a corrupt was elected to be prime minister, and this woman had such a negative background, which was covered up.

The people started to make riots and protests through the streets of Tokyo. During that time, members of The Yakuza Gang felt that Japan was going crazy, so they moved to an isolated island far from Japan, and called it New Japan, a place of new beginning.

After learning about this, The Prime Minister wanted to go after these people, but it was too late, for she was impeached and sent to prison for her wrong use of power. She alone ruin Japan's reputation and destroyed friendships and connections with other Asian countries, and even some non-Asian countries as well, resulting in Japan becoming somewhat dangerous. The remaining Yakuza members who did not leave stayed to try to fix things up, but eventually, they retired.

Japan has become a place where the bad and the good is mixed in too well, and hard to depict who is on which side, but despite the troubles, some people try to step up to protect those who cannot protect themselves, in addition, remaining as active as possible to stop trouble before it manifests into something bigger.

Dragon Dairies takes place in a future (22xx) where some Governments have grown corrupt with power and show little attention to it's people unless something was placed against them. For years, the Asian countries were hit harder with corruption, even Japan, which quickly shy itself away, thinking that their problems could be resolved, however, matters only got worse. Despite the efforts of many taking part to stopping such activities, it was a burdensome task for those people, it came to a point where some officials did not care what was going on, or become corrupt themselves, which was the case in areas like Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. even non-Asian countries started to become like this when such actions became more common, like the US, Russia and United Kingdom.

Soon, people who has had enough started to take matters into their own hands, some even taking on navigate justice in order help out and former gang members, like Hong Kong Triads, had been revived to go against corrupt officials.

Soon, The US had a slight rise in crime, however, a large number of vigilantes show up to stop it, despite sort of breaking the law in the process. As for the CIA, they are taking part in only minimizing the issue, forming a branch team to deal with threats in their home countries.

Over time, a notable hero rose up in The US known as The Green Samurai, who is occasionally active in the day time, and works some areas on the East Coast, as for the Far East, they had The Steel Maiden clean up house with areas like Russia, Hong Kong, etc.

But even with these 2 and their allies doing what is good, there is always the bad guys who were created from such corruption also plotting their next move.

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