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The Basics

  • Directions on creating your user page can be found here:
  • If an article is too short, please add {{stub}} to the top of it
  • Wikipedia's help files are much more complete than these will ever be, and a lot of it should be applicable.
  • We have some tutorials too:


  1. Don't be stupid


  1. Vandalism will get you suspended or banned
  2. This includes, but is definitely not limited to:
    1. Deleting articles
    2. Spamming up articles with nonsense
    3. Blanking pages
    4. Just use some common sense, its not that hard
  3. Please report any vandalism to an Admin, Global Moderator, or Rafa.


  1. Try to keep articles related to Zelda Fan Game Central
  2. Joke articles are permitted, as long as they're funny
  3. Go nuts


  1. Try to keep pictures somewhat Work Safe
    1. Generally rules on the Wiki are similar to rules on the forum
    2. Therefore, stuff that's obviously porn will probably be deleted. Unless its exceptionally hawt :)
  2. If you upload a picture, its part of ZFGC Wikipedia
    1. That means that when you upload a picture, its here for keeps, for better or worse
    2. Don't upload a picture you don't want the rest of Zelda Fan Game Central to see
    3. If its really necessary that a picture be deleted, contact an Admin, Global Moderator, or Rafa.
  3. If pictures aren't used in an article, they're going to be deleted

Community Pages and User Pages

  1. There's a difference between the two
    1. Community Pages are the pages searched for in the box
      1. These usually contain relevant, somewhat objective information on a user
    2. User Pages are the pages you get by clicking your name at the top of your monitor
      1. These can contain whatever you want to put up on it, provided its within the bounds of the rules
  2. DO NOT edit another user's User Page. We will suspend for this
    1. Notable exception would be something like signing a guest book on their page
  3. If your User Page is empty, you can have it redirect to your Community Page
    1. This can be done by putting #REDIRECT [[pagename]] in the field for your User Page

Edit Wars

  1. Are for the pricks on Wikipedia
    1. If you get into an edit war with somebody, contact an Admin, Global Moderator, or Rafa.


Creating an Article

You can do this in the following ways:

  • Type the name of the article into the search box, then press enter. The first line will read: There is no page titled "pagetitlenamehere". You can create this page. Click create, and then start writing.
  • Type the article into the URL: If it doesn't exist, it'll let you create the article.


To redirect a page to another page:

  1. Create the Page to redirect to the other page
  2. Place #REDIRECT [[page]] as the content
  3. If necessary, you can explain why it redirects on the page as well

Reverting a Page

Sometimes people can be poor sports. People like some Pingas's come on Zelda Fan Game Central and decide to annoy everyone by deleting your page. No problem.

  1. Click History
  2. Click the date of the last good edit
  3. You'll see the article as it was back then
    1. Click edit
    2. Click save
  4. Leave a quick note in the summary box of what the edit was for, as a courtesy

Getting Local Time

Nobody actually goes by UTC time, so to convert times to local times:

  1. Click preferences on the top right corner
  2. Click the Date and Time tab
  3. Click Fill in from browser.
  4. Save and exit
  5. All the times will now be in your local time zone


You can embed .jpg and .png files

  1. Upload the file: Click Upload file on the toolbox, right under the search box
  2. Link to the image using [[Image:file.jpg|left/right|thumb|alt text]]
    1. Image:file.jpg tells the Wiki what file you're embedding into an article
    2. Put in either left or right depending on where you want it positioned
    3. Put in thumb so it'll give a thumbnail, Wikipedia style
    4. Type in a caption where it says alt text
  3. If you're adding many related images to one section, you may want to use the <gallery> tag


Adding a Page to a Category


To choose the text and link to a category: [[Category:name|alternate text]]

Linking to a Category

[[:Category:name]] (Note: There is a colon before "Category".)

Lists and Indentation

  • For unordered lists like the ones on this page, simply put a * in front of each line
  1. For ordered lists, use a # in front of each line
    1. Put ## to indent a level
    • You can mix the two if you'd like
      1. As much as you want
For indentation like this, put a : in front of the line.
Multiple :'s will indent things further
...and further
This is usually used when replying to posts on talk pages.


Tables are an easy way to organize tabular data. For more information, see Help:Tables

Cache Problem

If your most recent contribution isn't showing up, it's most likely caused by the cache on your browser.

  • Hit F5 to refresh the page. This works most of the time. If it doesn't, try Ctrl-F5 to purge the cache.
  • Alternatively, you can click here and go to "Misc. Settings" and then check mark the "Disable Page Caching" option

Talk Pages

  • Sign your comments on talk pages with ~~~~. Do not use these when making articles!
  • If you see someone writing comments on talk pages without signing them, use {{subst:unsigned|username}} to sign it for them.

Wiki Links

  • [[Main Page]] = Main Page
  • [[Main Page|Click Me!]] = Click Me!
  • [[Help:Tables|]] = Tables (Hides namespaces and things in parentheses)

External Links

User Profiles

  • Community Pages are public pages, User Pages are private pages. User Pages are where you can put whatever you want, within bounds of the rules.
  • For example, Gm112 is gm112's Community Page, for the Community to edit as they see the user. hawthornegm112 is gm112's User Page, for him to put whatever useless garbage he wants to. Note: User: pages do not follow your DISPLAY NAME on Zelda Fan Game Central, but only your USERNAME.
  • The syntax to link to a Community Page is [[username]]
  • The syntax to link to a User Page is [[User:username]]