Illrigal, The Exile (Pello)

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The Exile, real name Illrigal, and also Pello, is the second major enemy Link is forced to confront after the Garo Ninja kidnapped the Princess. Link has only heard stories about him and from some Garos, however, hasn't fully confronted him until the end of the dungeon.

Link to The Exile's personal bio

Boss Fight

The Exile is the end boss for The 2nd dungeon in the game. He will remain stationary, but he creates powerful whirlwinds to knock around any opponent off course. He is capable of summoning Garo Ninjas to aid him in command and if not delted with quickly, using a powerful bomb attack to damage his opponent servery. He cannot be damaged just by sword swings, however, constantly attacking him will break his defense, rendering him defenseless and unable to attack.

The Exile will be temporarily immobilized if damaged enough, prompting successful attacks to be made.

Whirlwind Attacks

Sends a whirlwind like attack that can only be destroy by a spin attack. Colliding with it will cause the player to be knock out of place and damaged.

Bomb Throw

If not defeated quickly,, The Exile will throw rigged bombs at his foes, which causes a high amount of damage.

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