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About Arceusrules:
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Gender: Male
Location: Sweden, surrounded by longstocking girls and vikings with beautiful blondes XD
Notes: Im an actual Atheist! OMG!

Well, hello there. This is me speaking (duh) and im kind of new to this forum and wiki, so no need to be hard on me, however, im 14 so i wont act immature if it happens ;). I treat the admins with great respect, because they are practically the leaders here. I joined 2012/11/02 since i saw the Zelda fangame forum, and i fell in love with the engine that Silentresident had created. That was what i had been looking for, for a few years. Then, i saw he also had a forum, which i joined 2012/11/03, one day after the Zelda fangame forum! When i first logged in at this forum, i met Malefor, and he where actually a very nice person. He asked me wether i was going to make a game or not, and we were both afraid of offending eachother :P. However, this is actually not my first forum. Heres my fangames wiki page: The Legend of Zelda: Time Collapse

My SPORE history

2010/9/4, i bought SPORE. I thought it looked so cool, i was 12 years old. And i wouldnt know it then, but that game created the best year of my life. You cant imagineh ow many firends i got there, that i have lost contact with... I know i stopped playing SPORE, even though i swore i wouldnt. Its becuase Maxis outwardly abandoned it. Ill never forget my closest friends there. My first friend was Happysean1234, who helped me with something i dont remember. But he stopped playing pretty soon for several reasons. I dont remember all the details, but GP_Godzilla where also one of them. He liked making his creations in yellow and purple. Mushroomking1 for one ill never forget. He created those awesome buildings i didnt know was possible in SPORE. Berbert77 really liked Steampunk, and came from France. I liked his creations to. Gold_of_Anubis where a friend who had changed her name, making me unable to find her. She became angry on me becuase i never said hi, now i wish i could have spoken to her more, i will probably never be able to speak to these firends anymore. I dont remember if it was Killerclaw or Killerclaws he was called, but he where a really nice guy on Spore to, we even made gifts for eachother. He where also an adult, but age doesnt matter. Tomographics i also remembered, with his colorful abstract creations, that looked so awesome :) I miss you guys :( I miss what Spore was...

I know i kept contact with some of them on SPORE. Unown99 are the most important example. I didnt know it back then, but we became very close frends on Spore. She really liked pokemon, and told me to try out the Sporum. It was the forum, and she had a "create-of". It was a contest where you where to make a creation based on some rules. Me and another contestant got offensive Personal messages, and i experienced trolls for the first itme. First, i was scared. But then i troleld and spammed the troll, who i saw became more and more agitated, claiming he would hack my computer to hell. Well, he could try. He never succeeded. One of his firends "Treblebigspam" where spamming Unown99s create-of, and it became really hard on the Sporum. Unown99 did the thing she came up with first, creating a new thread, wich would serve as a trap. When Treblebigspam came there to spam, Unown99 hurried to tell the admins to read and lock the topic. Treblebispam where succesfully banned from Spore. However, the one who where trolling me where still there, but he disspaeared after a hiatus. I made a creatino where i thought there where peace. It was a trap i made. he commented, and i casually reported it. He was banned, oh yes he was that troller MUHAHAHA! Unown99 and i where very happy with the results! But it became silent and rather boring on the forums when they dissapeared.

Unown99 and i where beginning ot work with her anime "GALAXY" wich she made ap okedex to. It was something similiar to subspace emisarry from super smash bros brawl, as it was a mix of several games. I had a very fun time, and i even made pokemon for it. She showed me a pokedex she had made on Youtube, and her username was "Floralpikmin99". I didnt take notice to it at first. i got to know she liked dragons, and had an account on Dragcave soemthing. When MAXIS abandoned Spore, things began to fall apart, and people stopped playing the game. I to did, after a while. Even though Unown99s firend marie had jsut recently joined the game. I didnt speak to her for a very long while. I became sad, and longed to speak to her again. I missed my friend. But then i ramambered she had Dragcave forums! I made an account and tried to pseka to her, but the forums where too complicated. I guess 7-8 months had passed or so. I also made a Youtbue account to speka to her. And we began to regain contact, but it wherent any big contact.

My Deviantart history

2011/04/11, some time before i tried to regain contact, i made an account on Deviantart, and named it arceusrules98, after my Spore account. This username was very precious to me. I just wrote osme fanfic, luckily, one of my firends from spore, somewhat half of a troll XD had Devart to! Actually, CameronQBY, VEE141 and Uberfrill14 are contacts from SPORE. What i did not know was, that 2012/02/12, Unown99 made a Deviantart account called Floralpikmin99, and soon we finally regianed full contact, and we speak even more now than before! I where so happy! We exchanged pokemon friend codes, and have spoken to eachother on the 3DS mic. Also, we put aside GALAXY, and created a great concept of a Pokemon fangame the entire summer of 2012! We called it "Pokemon: Gilded legedns" a name Floralpikmin came up with. We grew very close that summer. But i where so ambitious, i also wanted to make a Megaman game.

I made many many tiles for a Megaman game, and i spoke to my Megaman contact raging-Banebou i had met. He makes REALLY good Megaman robot masters! He are genius! He redirected my to Pagewizard, who are making a megaman game for himself, called "Megaman Eternal". His Youtube account is Entertainmentwf, if you want to listen to his long speeches about math :D He are highly intelligent, regarding programming, really. Sometimes, i dont understand what he says, but its no problem. He are very busy nowadays, becuase of his work, and studies i guess. He doesnt have much time to work on his game either. But he will begin working on it during winter, he told me.

Then, out of the blue, i became obsessed with Zelda for no reason. I found Zeldaclassic, and tried using it. But i didnt find it very useful, it seemd so glitchy and stuff. I had a contact on youtube, who made some games on that engine. His account was called Darkflamewolf, he made a fangmae called "Lost isle", a gmae i watched the walkthrough of. It wsas very entertaining, and i set my goals on making a fangame of it :P. But it was so hard, i promised to make a fangame. So i looked everywhere for resources but i didnt find any. It took a very very long time until if FINALLY found hwat i was looking ofr. Project Zelda engine. That was exactly what i was looking for. I cant wait to tell darkflamewolf when its ready to be begun on!

My Anime history

Ever since i watched Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura when i was little, i loved Anime and Manga. i decided, when i grew up, i would become a mangakan. So ever since i where 7-8 i have been plannig out my anime at home on my freetime. And now im 14. I sitll have many years left to plan it, i want it to become truly succesfull. The 12 main characters are based on real humans in my village, including me. Two of them where recently added, and they are currently helping me out with it, one of them being my co-writer and the other being an assistant. The characters names arent really decided yet, and i havent really told anybody about the story, wich is pretty good. I guess i have previosuly only told Floralpikmin about this before.

My Co-writer, being two years younger than me but very intelligent and mature, i met during a scout camp 2011. It was the "World Scout Jamboree" in Sweden! Yes, im a scout. And so where she, but she have quit now. I didnt know it then, but she di in the back of her head. She had dreamt about this. She knew when something new where gonig to change her life, her brain are very interresting. She can dream about the future. And im seriously not kidding here, she dremaed about me before meeting me, thats why i decided she could beocme my co-writer 2012 during that scout camp, and she gladly agreed. She had another firend, my current assistant, who lived very far away. She began the scouts this year in spring. I thought of her as the best possible friend i could get, but during the scout camp i got to know her a little more. We are still friends though we fight a lot. I cant really do without my friends, they mean everything to me! ^-^

My dairy

2012/11/12, i am writing my page. I jsut noticed, i think i might be able to regain contct iwth Tomographics. On his Spore page i found alink to "sky servers" and theres a user called Tomographix, and he are the founder! And its a Minecraft site, so what the heck actually? I will soon get Minecraft for free from school, because of a contest called "future city", and then i will make an account and speka to him again. I dont liek losing friends.

2012/11/15, today i was hit right into the face by a football. Seriously, the guys in my class shoots them way to high and hard, no wonder im so afraid of footballs -.- And we didnt even play soccer!